The company
HATEK is an independent third laboratory, offering high level services for inspection, test and certificate of Safety, EMC, Toy Physical & Chemical . At present , HATEK possesses professional inspection laboratory in Ningbo, Dongguan and Yuyao city. The business lines including Medical Equipment, Housing Appliance, Audio&Video Equipment, Electrical and Electric Equipment, Battery,Lights, To...  More+
  • Product testing
    The company laboratory has been accredited by CNAS(China national accreditation service for conformity assessment), (ILAC) international laboratory accreditation cooperation organization and (CMA) inspection and testing institution.
  • International certification
    The laboratory strictly implements the quality control according to ISO/IEC 17025, and obtains German TUV; FCC, UL, SIEMIC, CPSC, TSCP, INTERTEK, Telefication, IC, CSA, NEMKO, SGS, etc.
  • Chemical analysis
    With perfect testing ability and rich testing experience, the laboratory is able to provide raw material testing and finished product testing for manufacturers, buyers and traders according to your requirements and in combination with local laws and ...
  • Inspection Service
    In accordance with your requirements and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the exporting country, the laboratory provides pre-production, in-production and pre-shipment inspection services for manufacturers, buyers and traders, helping c...